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Most of the time, the least expensive local process service company will get the job done.  You won't need us for a simple service.

Every once in a while though, your subject will prove to be adept at avoiding service, or may even just work odd hours that your low paid process server isn't willing to work.  That's when you you will need our expertise.

Difficult to serve cases are our specialty, and our success rate is 99.9%.  We are willing to go the extra mile, serving very early in the morning, late in the evening, or just waiting for the subject to arrive home or exit the home.

We have access to Washington registered vehicles, as well as, credit bureau based databases
and online social profiling information.  Many times, this extra information will make it possible to locate your subject and even know where to catch them and when.

At $85/hour (and .70 cents a mile), our process service will cost more than your average service, but we will get the most difficult jobs done!

International Intelligence Services

Washington Private Investigation Agency 1384

1916 Pike Place, Suite 12
Seattle, Washington 98101-1056